Buy Top Quality & Trendy Kids Room Wallpaper In Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing offers a versatile collection of waterproof, dust, stain, and scratch-resistant wall covers for your kid’s room. Our wall coverings are incredibly durable, affordable, and unique to improve the style and child room’s ambiance.

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High Durability

We design wall sheets with thick, durable, synthetic, and natural materials that last for many years without wear and tear.

Easy Installation

Easy Maintenance

The dust, moisture, stains, fade, and scratch resistance capability makes our wall covering an easily maintainable option.


Inspiring Designs

By installing our alphabetical design wallpapers, you can give your children a great learning experience.

Affordable Price Range

Eco-Friendly Surface

We craft wall sheets with non-toxic and renewable materials to ensure allergy resistance and low VOC emission.

Durable Kids Room Wallpaper Dubai

Beautify Your Kids Rooms With Our Trendy & Scratch-Resistant Wallpapers

Are you looking for premium quality wallpapers in Dubai for your children’s room? We have a unique collection of wall covers that not only enhance the wall aesthetics but make it more functional. At our shop, you can get an exclusive range of modern, classic, vintage, 2D, 3D, and HD wallpapers with extensive designs.  Also, you can find floral, botanical, pandas, and jungle-themed wall cover options to match your kids’ preferences.

Our finely designed wall coverings provide excellent thermoregulation, energy efficiency, sound insulation, durability, and easy maintenance. In addition to that, our decorative covers feature celestial objects that can captivate your kid’s imagination. Also, we provide waterproof wall covers for kids’ rooms made from vinyl material to ensure a clean surface, long-lasting serviceability, and easy maintenance.

Classic Kids Room Wallpaper Dubai
Best Kids Room Wallpaper Dubai
Customized Kids Room Wallapaper Dubai

Get Custom Designed Wallpapers For Kids Room | At 10% OFF

To make your kid’s room wall completely personalized and mind-blowing, we design our stylish wall sheets with an endless variety of custom options. You can get these heavy-duty wall covers with tailored material, color, size, pattern, texture, design, and thickness. Before personalization, we also consider your overall budget, interior theme, and design selection.

Custom Material

Custom Material

We fabricate wall sheets with long-lasting natural and synthetic materials including PVC, Vinyl, Polyester, Latex, Cork, Bamboo, Fiberglass, Foil, Metallic, and Grass Cloth.

Versatile Patterns

Versatile Patterns

Our team designs your wall with eye-catching patterns such as Twinkling Stars, Cartoons, Trees, Ocean, Cars, Clip-arts, Drawings, Animated, Floral, Lining, and Geometric.

Unique Colors

Unique Colors

Get our custom-designed wall panels with a broad spectrum of light, dark, or neutral colors such as Grey, White, Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Confetti, Pink, Red, Yellow, or Turquoise.

Our Featured Kids Room Wallpaper Collection 2024

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Why Choose Us?

Being a top supplier of kids’ room wallpaper in Dubai and nearby cities, we ensure professional craftsmanship and flawless customization for these wall covers. We provide modern, classic, traditional, printed, and creative designs for these decorative papers and murals to align with any interior setting.

Our expert team provides flawless wall decoring paper installation at residential and commercial places. For installations, our experts ensure the preparation of smooth and long-lasting surfaces using high-quality finishing materials and adhesives. Furthermore, we also provide instant removal or repair solutions for damaged or old wall coverings.

Expert Installation & Craftsmanship
Free Maintenance Guide & Sampling
Guaranteed & High-Quality Material

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Get the best quality wallpapers from the most reliable wallpaper-fixing company in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our decorative papers for kids’ rooms are designed to be stain, scratch, and fade-resistant. Therefore, if they get any dirt or dust, they can be easily cleaned using an upholstery fabric and damp sponge. 

Installing wall decoring sheets requires measuring, cutting, leveling, and adhesive application, which can be hard for a beginner. So it’s a good idea to hire our experienced professionals for installation which is known for providing the most seamless and flawless wall cover fitting services.

Many things are required in decorative cover installation, like wall preparation, cleaning, measuring, surface leveling, and fixing without curves and folds. Well, it depends on the area to cover on walls, however, fitting these decorative papers in the child’s room can take 3 to 5 hours. Call us now for a free cost and time estimate of your project.

On average, our high-quality wall coverings can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years or even more with proper care. Since wall papers in the teenager’s room are subjected to frequent wear and tear, a replacement tends to be required after 5-6 years.